LogDistiller Stat Plugin

Like sampling, LogDistiller Stat Plugin is an extension of freq plugin. The goal of stat plugin is to write a csv file with the full computed data.

The use case is to create the most precise csv file, then use your preferred (of course Open Source) BI tools to use them: use an ETL to insert csv data into a database, an OLAP product to analyze it, and a reporting tool to graph results.

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks I found when trying to get most value with data computed by stat plugin:

  • if you're not a BI expert but more a Java addict (like me), Scriptella might be the ETL of choice: no GUI or specific tool to learn, but Ant tasks. Samples in Scriptella distribution explain 3 different ways of using csv files,
  • HSQLDB has a feature called HSQLDB Text Tables to use a csv file directly as a database table,