Install notes

Targeted platform for LogDistiller is Java 5 and up (J2SE 1.4 until LogDistiller 1.1).

LogDistiller distribution contains all required libraries: simply unzip the distribution file and launch the GUI with a double-click on logdistiller.jar file in the root directory, or with the following command line:

java -jar logdistiller.jar

Apache Ant integration

For more advanced use, LogDistiller can be run as a batch through an Ant task: you must have Ant already installed and running.

LogDistiller's task is defined in your build.xml with the following statement:

<property name="logdistiller.home" value="path/to/your/logdistiller/directory"/>
<taskdef name="logdistiller" classname="net.sf.logdistiller.ant.LogDistillerTask">
    <fileset dir="${logdistiller.home}">
      <include name="logdistiller*.jar"/>
      <include name="lib/*.jar"/>