LogDistiller Reporting Plugins

LogDistiller comes with some reporting plugins bundled in its core distribution. Note that more reporting plugins can be found in LogDistiller Extension Center.


  <group ...>
    <plugin type="freq">
      <param name="attributes">attr1,attr2,attr3,...</param>

      <!-- optional parameters: sorting -->
      <param name="sortItem">count</param><!-- value, valueLength -->
      <param name="reverseOrder">false</param><!-- true -->

      <!-- optional parameters: reporting -->
      <param name="maxGlobalReport">5</param><!-- maximum number of values inserted in global report -->
      <param name="maxGroupReport">25</param><!-- maximum number of values inserted in group report -->
      <!-- description to insert in the report instead of corresponding value
           (in java properties format) -->
      <param name="valueDescriptions">
        value1  replacement
        value2  replacement


Log sampling plugin extends freq plugin: it saves some log events to a log file.

  <group ...>
    <plugin type="sampling">
      <param name="attributes">attr1,attr2,attr3,...</param>

      <!-- optional parameters -->
      <param name="sampling.filename">[group id]-sampling.log</param><!-- name of the file to save the sample of log events -->
      <param name="sampling.maxCount">10</param><!-- number of log events (-1 = no limit) to save for each attribute's value. -->
      <param name="sampling.maxSize">-1</param><!-- maximum size (in kb, -1 = no limit) of the sample file -->

      <!-- freq optional parameters: sortItem, reverseOrder, maxGlobalReport, maxGroupReport, valueDescriptions -->