LogDistiller is fully usable right now (in fact since version 0.3), and used for some time.

There are a lot of improvements that have been made since the first public version:

  • DONE in version 0.6: add a gui for interactive tests
  • DONE in version 0.7: publish reports as RSS/Atom feeds (using ROME)
  • DONE in version 0.8: add more report formats: XML
  • DONE in version 1.1: add a plugin to insert log events into a database = use stat plugin and an ETL

But like many other tools, there are many more improvements that can be made:

  • add more log parsers (I'm looking for user needs: please report which format you'd like to have...)
  • more report formats: HTML
  • implement report's i18n
  • add plugins to measure performance (stats on the time between 2 log events)
  • integrate JRobin to graph reports history
  • use ROME Aqueduct to store feed entries
  • gui enhancements:
    • configuration rules creation should automatically generate more useful report than the current "unknown" group done in 0.9
    • select multiple log files
    • add progress-meter during run, without gui freeze done in 0.9
    • ability to view events content while running
    • add buttons to start, stop, pause, restart
    • display the XML configuration content with syntax coloring
  • evaluate Log Summariser integration as a nice front-end

Other tools

Log analysis can be treated in many ways: here are other tools on the topic.

Free tools

Commercial tools

If you know another tool, please let me know.

Log formats and documentation

Here are some references I found to understand the content of some log types I don't use myself